Taking the grandparents on holiday with you

Posted on: 8 June 2015

Inviting nana and grandpa to come on the family holiday can be a great way for parents to show their appreciation for all that their parents did for them, spend some time together as an extended family and if all goes well, potentially end up with some built-in babysitting as well. Unfortunately travelling with your parents as adults can come with it's own set of challenges, so you need to prepare so it can be truly relaxing holiday for all.

Rent a serviced apartment

Rather than having everyone in separate hotel rooms, serviced apartments will often have enough rooms for everybody. That way the grandparents can spend more time hanging out with their children and grandchildren and the cost per guest is generally lower than hiring hotel rooms.

Having built-in kitchenette facilities can also be convenient when traveling with kids as you can get breakfast as soon as they wake up, rather than needing to get changed into day clothes and heading to the restaurant.

Ultimately, everyone can enjoy each other's company while having private space too.

Hire a car (or get used to public transport)

Rather than relying on taxis, which often don't have enough seats for an entire extended family, hiring a minivan can be a great option. If you are looking at this route make sure your serviced apartment comes with a parking spot you can access easily so you don't spend hours searching for street side parking.

If you don't feel confident driving (perhaps as you are visiting a busy city), finding an apartment near a pubic transport interchange can make the process of getting around much more convenient.

Set up some boundaries

Everybody needs a break sometimes, so be sure to have a chat with your parents about any boundaries they need observed. They might like to not get woken before a certain hour, want to have a scheduled nap each day or have people knock before they come into their room. By setting up boundaries so that everyone gets enough downtime and privacy you are less likely to end having small issues turn into large disagreements.

You may also like to let them know if any conversation topics are off-limits, and vice versa. You may not want teenage children knowing about your own teenage rebellions, direct from their grandparents for instance!

It's a fantastic idea to take your children on holiday with their grandparents to build some fun and unique family memories.