3 Questions to Ask before Hiring a Buyer's Agent

Posted on: 15 December 2015

Some first-time home buyers find it hard to pick a buyer's agent from among the many that are recommended to them. This difficulty may be because such homeowners lack a mechanism for interviewing potential agents. This article discusses some questions that you can ask different buyers' agents before you select the one who will be by your side as you buy your first home.

How Many Homes Do You Show Buyers on Average?

Time is a precious commodity that you should conserve as you look for an appropriate home. This question will help you to identify an agent who is very quick at finding what exactly a client wants. That insight helps the agent to narrow down the number of potential homes that a given buyer views before making a purchase decision. Pick an agent whose average home views are relatively few. Consult an experienced friend about the acceptable average number of homes that one can view before choosing one. That tip will help you to pick an agent who will take you to see only the homes that meet your requirements.

What Other Professionals Can You Recommend?

You can narrow down the list of potential buyers' agents based on how they answer this question. Pick an agent who has an extensive list of trusted professionals that you can call upon if need arises. For instance, the agent may refer you to experienced building inspectors, plumbers and landscapers. This additional benefit will be very helpful to you since you may not have a list of professionals that you can contact when you need expert help regarding your new home.

How Do You Select the Homes to Show a Client?

This question digs into the different methods used to assess a client's needs. Some buyers' agents will ask you to fill a questionnaire that outlines your budget, size of home in terms of bedrooms or square feet, and the preferred locations. Others will gather that information during a face-to-face meeting. Use your personal judgment to pick an agent who creates an impression that he or she is thorough when attempting to understand your needs. Such an agent will help you to get your dream home quickly.

Use the questions above as a starting point for you to generate other questions that can help you to choose a buyer's agent. The time you spend selecting this professional will pay off and the purchase will go smoothly.