Stripping and Waxing: Great Benefits for Your Wooden Office Floor

Posted on: 6 June 2016

Clean, sparkling office space makes your customers comfortable as they find the place hygienic and good for their health. With heavy pedestrian traffic on your wooden office floor, it is bound to get dirty and wear out faster than many other places in the office. Thankfully, you can hire commercial cleaning services that will not only help you keep the floor clean but also maintain its glossy finish by stripping and waxing. Stripping involves the removal of old wax or furnish layers, debris before waxing is done to enhance the beauty of the floor and to protect it. If you have just moved into office space that has a wooden floor, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy by hiring a commercial office cleaner who offers stripping and waxing services:

Stain Removal and Resistance

Wooden floors are quite sensitive to stains. Spillage from drinks and marks left behind by rubbing against rubber soles leave stains that dent the beauty of the wooden floor. Regular dusting and mopping may not be enough to get rid of such stains effectively because they have found their way into their top layers of the woods. However, using a floor stripper dissolves the stain and enables you to get rid of them completely when the floor has been rinsed. After that, the layer of wax applied on the floor will create a protective cover that will minimise chances of staining for a long time before it wears out.

Floor Hardiness

By stripping the floor, you get rid of debris and dirt that has built up over time. This leaves an ideal surface for applying wax as it allows for solid contact between the wax and the wood. The layer of wax improves the hardiness of the floor, and it will improve its resistance to spills and moisture. When spills and moisture find their way to your wooden floor, they can cause bulging that affects the overall finishing of the floor. With time, the bulged parts start to chip and force you to re-do those sections. However, stripping and waxing improves the hardiness of the floor and saves you the money you'd have used to re-do it after bulging.

Preservation and Durability

If you take good care of the wooden floor in your office, it will last long. By using a coat of wax to shield against intense friction and abrasion, you reduce the rate of wear and tear. This makes the floor to last long. At the same time, it prevents the build-up of dirt and debris on the surface of the wood, making the wear more gradual.