4 Factors To Look Out For If You Plan To Work From Your Executive Lease

Posted on: 4 June 2015

Executive properties are naturally high-end and tailored for corporate and executive clients either from the region or outside Australia. As with any other listing, you have to ensure the property is tastefully built and furnished and is within close proximity to schools, health facilities and recreational centers. However, you should also evaluate if the property you are about to lease is work-friendly.

Here are 4 factors to look out for if you plan to get any work done in your new home:

Quiet ambience

First, the environment around your property must be conducive for work. This necessitates a quiet ambience where you can put your head down and get some serious work done, be it at night, on weekends or in the evenings. Executive homes fair better than apartments in this regard as they are more private and quiet. Smaller apartments are also better than larger ones as they often do not house families. This means less disturbance and more productivity whenever you need to get down to business.

Private office or conversion

Not every executive lease will have a private office. However, some do, and this makes for a great plus if as you already have a desk and perhaps a printer and fax as well. A private office means you have a dedicated work-space where you can handle your operations from. If your executive lease does not have a private office, a spare bedroom conversion will work too. Of course, you will need to discuss this with the property management first for consent.

Internet connection

As with any other working environment today, an internet connection is vital if you're going to work seamlessly at home. Look out for internet connectivity in your prospective lease options. A LAN network is okay but a wireless network is better as you can use multiple devices such as phones, laptops, cameras, and printers. Be sure to check the prevailing speeds and whether the internet bandwidth is limited. A frustratingly-low internet connection will be just as good as no internet.

Air conditioning

With the high temperatures in Australia, air conditioning is vital for a conducive working environment in your executive property, especially if you're coming from a cooler area. Air conditioning will ensure you can comfortably work indoors without breaking a sweat. Properties with multi-split air conditioning or ducted air conditioning provide even cooling throughout the house so you can work from anywhere. However, ducted air conditioning is quieter and will provide an even better work environment.

With the ability to work in your home fluidly, your executive leasing property will be a second office, enabling you to stay updated on work 24/7.