Pest Control | 4 Preventive Tactics To Control The Problem Of Termites In Your Home

Posted on: 25 January 2016

Even if given a small window of opportunity, termites can end up causing irreparable damage to your home. That's why regular pest control treatment and inspections are necessary to retain the structural integrity of your home. While your home will benefit from pest treatment and termite control every once in awhile, you can also undertake some preventive tactics to prevent a termite problem in your home.

Remove All Food Sources

Termites thrive when they have access to dark spaces and food sources, so be sure to eliminate any easy food sources like cardboard, paper, wood and lumber from your home. This means that you probably have to move woodpiles away from your home. You will also need to reduce the amount of paper and cardboard boxes in your home because these are prime feeding sources for termites. You should also remove any stumps and plant-based debris located near your home to prevent termites.

Prevent Water From Pooling Near Your Home's Foundation

While you cannot stop it from raining, you can prevent puddles of water from pulling up around the foundation of your home. Keep in mind that if standing water pools form after a heavy rainfall, then termites may congregate in these damp areas. Make sure you take speedy action to prevent pools of water from turning your house into a termite-infested nightmare. If you notice any sign of termites in your home after heavy rainfalls, call the pest control service immediately.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Gutters clogged with leaves and other debris will eventually leak onto your rooftops and around your home. This creates a water source at the base of your home's foundation. If your gutter system appears to be leaking, be sure to clean it out as soon as possible. This will prevent wet spots from instigating the growth of termites in and around your home.

Ensure Good Ventilation And Air Flow Through Your Home

Excessive moisture and dampness is extremely conducive to the growth of termite colonies in homes. To combat this, you must ensure that your home has good ventilation and airflow because this will prevent termites from forming home-damaging colonies. While ventilation is important for your entire home, you must pay close attention to moisture-laden rooms like your bathroom and kitchen. Prevent moisture from lingering inside by installing exhaust fans and windows in different rooms in your home.

While these preventive measures are important, it's always a good idea to get pest control inspections every once in a while to ensure that your home remains termite free.