What To Do When A Pre-Purchase Inspection Bears Bad News

Posted on: 22 July 2015
Pre-purchase home inspections are a vital step for anyone planning on buying a property. Once the inspection is done, you will receive a report detailing the findings. At this stage, you should be ready to expect good news, bad news or a mixture of both in varying ratios. This is because you can never tell about a property's real condition just by looking at the outer structures and paintwork. In some cases, your pre-purchase inspection will indeed bear bad news.
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Taking the grandparents on holiday with you

Posted on: 8 June 2015
Inviting nana and grandpa to come on the family holiday can be a great way for parents to show their appreciation for all that their parents did for them, spend some time together as an extended family and if all goes well, potentially end up with some built-in babysitting as well. Unfortunately travelling with your parents as adults can come with it's own set of challenges, so you need to prepare so it can be truly relaxing holiday for all.
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4 Factors To Look Out For If You Plan To Work From Your Executive Lease

Posted on: 4 June 2015
Executive properties are naturally high-end and tailored for corporate and executive clients either from the region or outside Australia. As with any other listing, you have to ensure the property is tastefully built and furnished and is within close proximity to schools, health facilities and recreational centers. However, you should also evaluate if the property you are about to lease is work-friendly. Here are 4 factors to look out for if you plan to get any work done in your new home:
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Useful Tips for Replacing Glass Panes in Doors

Posted on: 26 May 2015
Replacing glass panes in doors is slightly different from replacing windowpanes. This is because panes in doors are installed differently from panes in windows so different tactics are needed to perform those two tasks. This article discusses some useful tips that you should implement when replacing glass panes on your front door. Always Remove the Door First It is very risky to try to replace glass panes in a door when that door is still in place.
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